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Reagan Outpouring

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Well, Reagan is barely in the ground, and already people are trying to minimize the tremendous amount of people that turned out to see him off. Drudge reports about the NY Times' Frank Rich:

On Public reation to Reagan Death, Rich claims: 'The dirty little secret of the week: The outpouring didn't live up to its hype. 'There was this kind of extraordinary outpouring not by the public but by reporters who should know better,' as Morley Safer told Larry King after it was over.'

I'm interning in Washington, DC this summer, and I snuck out of a conference a little early to attend the procession down constitution avenue. I can report that people were lined up, not one or two deep, but literally 15 deep, up onto the stairs of the buildings behind us. It was the largest crowd I've ever been in, but it turned silent when the casket went by.

I don't know what Rich would consider to be an "extraordinary outpouring", but in my book, this was one.

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