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Google released a press release today claiming that their search index now contains over six billion items. While this may seem staggeringly large to some, it actually seems somewhat small to me.

Consider this. I estimate that, between my blog, my web site, and various mailing lists I've posted to over my life, I'm responsible for the existence of over a thousand web pages. My parents are not very technical, but they probably have over thirty pages, devoted to photo galleries and things of that nature.

Six billion Google entries. Six billion people in this world. It stands to reason that for every person that has a thousand pages, there are a thousand people with no pages indexed by Google.

Now, the 'Net isn't a zero sum game. By making a web page, I take nothing away from anyone else. But it is somewhat sobering to realize that the vast majority of people on this planet have yet to experience the Internet, let alone leave their mark on it.

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Posted on Friday, February 20, 2004 by Jared:

Interesting. That doesn't even take into account the number of dynamically generated pages.

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