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Asked whether the exclusion of those countries from bidding on construction contracts violates international law, Bush said, "I don't know what you're talking about by international law. I better consult my lawyer."

The President is right on the money on this one. There are treaties, some of which have been implemented as part of US law. But there is no international law in the same way that there is US law. There is no court higher than the supreme court. Countries can choose to yell at the US, or even boycott us if they so choose... but they could do that anyway, even without any sort of international law.

There is, of course, the ICC, but the US isn't part of it. Simply wishing for international law, and then pretending it exists, isn't enough to make it real.

It's good to have a president that's willing to take on the tranzi agenda.

IANAL, of course.

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