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Well, you may have noticed that this site was down for a while. (But probably not, if you only read these posts through the RSS feed.) As it happens, I made a typo in a config file which caused the server to hang on bootup.

Anyway, I need to applaud the techs at, who went above the call of duty (and/or contractual obligations) by logging into my unmanaged server from the console and getting it up and going in single user mode. This saved me from having to reinstall the server, a process that, when done remotely, is at the very least an annoying way to have to spend a day.

The customer service was very fast. My phone call was answered on what would have been the first ring, and once I put in a phone call, the problem was solved within an hour or so. (It did take me a while to put in that call, but that was because I was in the middle of switching cell-phone service.)

Anyway, if you're in the dedicated hosting market, ev1servers tends to give good deals on large amounts of bandwidth. While their dedicated servers may be a bit on the expensive side for a single-user site, if you can find a few people to throw in together, a dedicated server makes for a very competitive hosting solution.

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