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The Washington Times is reporting:

A distinct voting bloc has taken a shine to President Bush: 61 percent of college students approve of Mr. Bush's job performance, according to a Harvard University Institute of Politics survey released yesterday.

The rest of the article is what seems to be more good news for Bush: he wins against a "Democratic candidate", 39 to 34.

This would tend to jibe with my experience as a student. While many professors still lean liberal, students (at least the ones who are citizens), tend to be well to the right. This also would tend to be the case with others in my age group.

I'd say to expect the unexpected when predicting the 2004 election. I think the war on terror is really changing the political alignments of the country. I know people who have been loyal Democrats who will probably vote for Bush in the next election, the first in their family to break ranks.

Of course, the outcome of the race could swing heavily if another candidate comes in. (Stating the obvious, I guess.)

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