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The Nigerian... err... Iraqi Spam

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This just came in in my mail. It's the first time I've seen this one, so I thought I'd pass it on.

My name is Mrs Nancy and my husband is a Soldier trained in his country and in
Israel by the United States Army.

I write on his behalf to seek for your hand of
cooperation in a business deal of $16 Million, which
my husband?s late boss Mr SERGIO VIEIRA DE MELLO
secured from Baghdad city of Iraq. My husband is
currently in the military hospital due to the injury
he sustained in Iraq.

Most of the affected persons are receiving treatment  at Jordan as well as
England hospital. Based on this, he told me to seek for capable
company/individual who will receive this money in his personal or company bank
account through the Military Relief Group (M.R.G)
as payment for the supply of relief materials to the
U.S Army in Iraq.

This arrangement was made and perfected by his late boss Mr SERGIO VIEIRA DE
MELLO so as to make it easy for himself to claim the money using a foreign
contact but unfortunately  he was killed,  and my husband was able to secure
the information of the deposit.

As a soldier that works under the secret department in the American Army,the
law restricts him from such operation and all kind of movement.

The money is said to be part of the over $1 billion that Saddam Hussein's
family took from the Iraqi central bank just before the war began according to
the Iraqi central bank employees who were interviewed by the U.S security

This deal needs to be done under a confidential atmosphere to avoid
any of us, so keep the information you have received  should be secret even if
you are not in the position to work with us.

The entire operation is risk free and legal as all modalities to secure the
legal documents that will cover the funds are in place. I will give you the
full details of the operation upon
your response.


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Posted on Friday, September 26, 2003 by Yossi Preminger:

I can't believe the Nigerian sting has mutated to a form mentioning Israel ... people must be catching on to our act. I guess since the hi-tec bubble burst it was just a matter of time until former hi-tec entrepreneurs found a new way to solicit investments ;-)

PS Congrats on your new PDA.

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