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So, the California recall is off for now, due to a court ruling that the punch-card ballots are too unreliable to ensure that all votes are counted. To me, this sounds like hogwash.

Yes, punch cards have problems. But thanks to the 2000 election, these problems are well-known. Today, most people should know enough to check to see if they have failed to successfully punch a hole through the card, without {hanging, dimpled, pregnant} chad.

For those who forget, perhaps signs could be erected to remind them. If this is not enough, then I think it's possible to question if they should be voting in the first place.

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Posted on Monday, September 15, 2003 by Chris:

I can sort of see the judge's point, in a way. If I squint. And hop on one foot.

Since this election is between a lot of candidates and because it's a plurality, not a majority, one expects that precision will be important. The thing about punch cards: do voters get to see their punch card? I thought that they manipulate levers and such and the punch cards stay inside of the machine the whole time, until some counting monkey collects them to count the votes.

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