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The Center of the World (2)

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I'm watching the rest of the show (see my previous post), which covers the rest of the tragedy. While it's informative (for example, I didn't know that paper was the primary fuel of the fire that took the towers down), this show is primarily about the people involved, all sorts of people.

The story of all the firefighters is dramatic... What struck me about Rescue 2 in Brooklyn is that, even though a little firehouse set out kinda in the middle of the Brooklyn borough, they were at the World Trade Center when the second plane hit.

And since that's only about 16 minutes, they had to take a minute, a minute or two for the alarm to go out, it's gotta take you another minute or something to get your shoes on and to get on the truck. And then to go through Brooklyn, at rush hour, in the morning, and then go through the Brooklyn-battery tunnel, and be at the World Trade Center in twelve minutes, by the way, where they all died, is an incredible story.

There are pictures of people standing in the torn towers, of people leaping to their deaths, that are just hard to watch. It's worth it though, and hopefully will be rerun so more can see it.

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