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Iran and China Proxies

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According to the article given above, the US is paying Anonymizer to provide web proxies that circumvent the government firewalls in places in states such as Iran and China. (The so-called great firewall of China.)

The system works by changing domain names and IPs frequently, with new addresses being publicized by US government owned radio stations.

I'm impressed with how cheap this service probably is to run. Buying a new server with large amounts of bandwidth costs only a few hundred dollars a month, and the time on the radio stations is basically free. So, this project is basically dominated by salaries. While $50 million is being allocated to this sort of thing by congress, I'd imagine that the current service costs a fraction of that.

What would be a nice system to have in the future would be one where the proxies were hosted on volunteer servers, which are reimbursed the cost of bandwidth and a small profit by the government. If enough useful sites hosted these proxies, the leaders of the censoring states would be forced to make a choice between a free Internet and a useless one.

I, for one, would love to see them forced into that position.

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Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 by Kevin Looran:

I work in China and I access blocked web sites using it is better than because it is totally free!

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