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Salvia Divinorum

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Hallucinogenic herb is related to mint family. The Drug Enforcement Administration has issued a nationwide alert about a legal hallucinogenic herb from Mexico that is more intense than LSD and can cause debilitating, out-of-body visionary trances.

I'm wondering why the DEA is wasting its time issuing warnings about a substance that isn't addictive, and for which there's little chance of an overdose.

As far as I can tell, the only reason for the DEA to warn about Saliva is that it's psychoactive. I don't think that this should be enough to regulate a substance, without any further evidence of harm to anyone.

I've never used psychoactive drugs, myself. But I don't see why this should be made illegal. But I don't see a reason why people altering their sense of reality is inherently bad enough to warrant being made illegal. I can see the government protecting people from themselves when using drugs that cause flashbacks. But if that's not the case, I don't see why the government needs to be involved.

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Posted on Friday, April 02, 2004 by tripps:

hey guys, i dont want to bring you down, but i have an issue with salvia. i have a friend that had a plant and he, another friend of ours and i smoked a ton of it. we thought it was a great way to get high without the cops busting us for posession, but all three of us have experienced very profound flashbacks. one resulted in a 24 hour all out trip. i think more research should be done, and all i can hope is that i am not fried for the rest of my life.

Posted on Tuesday, February 08, 2005 by warning:

I smoked my first and last hit of salvia divinorum about 9 days ago. I have been having terrifying flashbacks ever since. I think/prey that they are gradually going away, But I feel like I'm in hell. The extract was 40x, but I only smoked one hit. I've done other drugs and never had any problem. I'm terrified. Legalise marijuana. Heck, legalise coke and heroin. Salvia should be banned. I only smoked one hit and I might be in a very intense terror for the rest of my life. I can't advise you strongly enough to never try salvinorin a.

Posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2005 by pottey pot pot:

well jeez man u smoked 40x extract what u expect u should have just tried leaves first 've smoked saliva for a while and i dont dare use 40x i rarely use 10x leaves are good enough for most people

Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2005 by raven: I smoked salvia the other weekend, and it was 40x and my first time..finished a small a bowl of it..about 3 hits for me...i thought it was felt awesome for about 10-15 minutes..than it was residual effects, nothing. two of my other friends smoked it and didn't get anything off it except slight giddiness ..and thats it...there's no reason to ban's all personal affinities for the substance...

Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2005 by JC:

I have to take a DT so i wanted to smoke and I went to waterbeds and stuff to find that they sell fake buds? they talked me into buying the salvia 40x, I took two large hits when I got home and it kicked in instantly, my chest began to tighten up, and my spine became very warm, It became so intense that I felt my heart start to skip beats, and I felt like I was going to die, I blacked out and woke back up moments later feeling as if i got a second chance at life, I cant believe they sell something this powerful on the shelf, it is INSANE, it led me to being completely sober for life, and altered the way I think about drugs forever, they equal death, and we should all be walking the path of light

Posted on Wednesday, October 26, 2005 by senorsalvia:

I've been smoking Salvia for roughly five years... I have found nothing but profound benefits from utilising this amazing herb.... Flashbacks: Naw, I'm just not gonna buy into such a scenario... I mean sure, everyone is different, but since I smoke nearly daily (4-6 tokes 8X extract) I'd figure I'd have a flashback if it were there to have... It's my guess that those that say they have had a flashback are either flat out lying because they are anti salvia, or they are Feds planting such reports to justify eradication of this wonderful herb.... On a side note, I can report that my Salvia usage has had quite a remarkable medical benefit... I have been diagnosed as having a severely low serotonin count, and as such, I have suffered for years from clinical depression and been supplied with the usual anti-depressants such as Zoloft and Wellbutrin... After a few Salvia experiences I found all my depression lifted... After I noted this, it became apparent to me that a couple tokes of Salvia, and I had no depression for 1-3 days.... Have been taking a few tokes a day since and have been off medication for a couple years..... Put that in your pipe and toke it--------- senorsal

Posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2005 by morning girl:

i have personaly not tried salvia yet, but my brother and two good friends of mine did and i was there to bare witness.

they where all smoking leaves and had quite the trip, which only lasted about 15 minutes. that was over a month ago and there has been no complaint of flash backs or other side effects to do with this drug and all of them cant wait to do some again.

i think the major problem with this drug and side effects is that so many people are smoking more then needed to and the price. we finally have a legal drug for people who like to indulge without worry of being caught with it on them, but its so expensive that people are buying illegal substances anyways and are being arrested for it.

in short i think the only problem with this drug is people using it improperly which happens to be the major problem with most drugs.

Posted on Tuesday, December 06, 2005 by Eric Belcastro:

In response to those who feel this substance should be banned due to unpleasent experiences... I am not making light of your experiences, nor do I wish to scoff at your psychological suffering. I truly hope that you are all healthy in mind, body, emotions, and soul. However, if you choose to ban a psychoactive plant, to say that NOONE can use this substance without persecution of serious imprisonment and/or fines, simply because YOUR experience was not pleasent, and in doing so, taking away a powerful transformative resource and spiritual educator from the world, then you have done much greater crime to your fellow man than this salvia could ever do to you. Salvia divinorum is not for recreational purposes, it is for those who have strong intent to learn and that are willing to listen and to be guided. It has been written repeatedly over and over again in experience reports that people who use it for the wrong reasons often don't get the desired effects, or have an unpleasent experience. It has a very shamanistic background, and it would be benefical to study it's traditional uses, as there is a refined relationship to the plant, a relationship that could be learned from in one's own personal use of salvinorin-A. It is your choise to use it or to not use it, but please do not, in arrogance, feel that you should make that choice for everyone else in the world, based on your very limited experience. Thank you and Best Wishes to all of you. Eric

Posted on Wednesday, January 04, 2006 by Amber:

I just tried salvia for the first time last night... tried smoking the leaves but it was pretty dumb so we went and bought the 40x.. hahah WOW. it was aweomse and i don't have any flashbacks or anything? just laughed my ass off and fell over for like 5 min, then felt kinda weird for like an hour but hmm.. idk, i thought it was fun : ) it's like your in a dream.. cuz dreams are sometimes are all messed up and don't make any sense when u wake up but made sense in your dream.. yeah it was like that for me... i remember it and it was making sense kinda at the time, but i cant explain like half the stuff i thought was going on.. i'd do it again : )

Posted on Monday, January 09, 2006 by Mike Wohlybear:

aight so i bought 6 grams of salvia 40x extracts and the first like 10 times i smoked it it was great and had cool trips but about an hour ago i had a crazy ass trip off it witch almost drove me insane. the shits crazxy but i'm still gonna do it but insted of buying more 40x i tihnk i'll just get some 20x

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2006 by Barcanard:

Okay, I have eaten a quarter and an eighth of mushrooms and had the strongest trip ever, until about three weeks ago. I've smoked the leaves several times, producing fun, laughter effects and so on. I've tried the 5x, and still had a fun feeling where my body gets tingly and what not. Well I bought some 35x and packed a bowl, and took one big hit, held it in, and let it out after I started to get lightheaded. This was the craziest trip ever. Now, I am a very spiritual guy and I trip for only the right reasons, and I was in a fine mind set. As soon as it kicked in I had a crazy feeling of my reality that I saw was being torn apart in a sense, and the more things that tore apart, the scarier it felt and then my face started to feel what I saw, and my lips felt like they were tearing, this is when I began to drool uncontrollably. I felt as if some creatures were behind all this making it happen. Throughout the experience while things where being peeled or torn, weird words were going through my head that actually described the situation, like emidafeldavent and shmardensveent. It freaked me out. About a week ago I did the 5x again to compare it, and it gave me the exact same trip that everything was put into a pattern and being torn apart while crazy words I could hear. It scared me because I actually thought all the thigns I saw were dissapearing and I felt it hapeneing to my face. I ran in large cricles to calm the intensity because I realized that only things that could fit into a gridlike pattern would do this, so circles were the exit. I can never get up enough courage to smoke even the 5x again, but I will because I like learning from it and trying to understand it.

Posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2006 by Mitchell Adler:

I smoked the 20x last night and i fell apart from the world i was a 9 getting sliced into pieces and i lost touch wiht all reality and now the next day xsmoked and the bad trip was coming back like my body is some one else but im a whole diffrent person inside with this subside please help im so scared???

Posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2006 by Mitchell Adler:

I smoked the 20x last night and i fell apart from the world i was a 9 getting sliced into pieces and i lost touch wiht all reality and now the next day xsmoked and the bad trip was coming back like my body is some one else but im a whole diffrent person inside with this subside please help im so scared???

Posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2006 by Mitchell Adler:

I smoked the 20x last night and i fell apart from the world i was a 9 getting sliced into pieces and i lost touch wiht all reality and now the next day xsmoked and the bad trip was coming back like my body is some one else but im a whole diffrent person inside with this subside please help im so scared???

Posted on Saturday, February 25, 2006 by jake:

i have been attempting to come accross salvia for quite some time now, living where i do it is quite difficult to come accross, any how i have waited untill the time was right, and it found its way to me in the way of a 5x and a 10x xtract. i sat and prepared my self and packed a cone with the bottom half 5x and the top half 10x, and smoked this, it came on fairly quick, by the time i xhaled the room had a glow to it, then a large sphere is about the only way i can put it came accross me and took up around a quarter of the room, where i was sitting it split me right down the middle, my right eye could see into the sphere, the people there and all that was happning while my left eye could still see the room i was siting in and the side of the sphere but not into it. in side the sphere i could see what appeared to be a beach, with a man and a woman, they where calling me by name and the woman grabed me by the hand, i tried to move my mind into the sphere but only managed to to move it to the side of my head that was still in the room, the next thing i remember is my body spliting down the middle as the woman in the sphere ran whilst holding my hand, and my mind was firmly stuck in the left side of my body. soon after the sphere faded as the figures ran into the distance, straight away i knew i needed to smoke more, so i packed a larger cone of pure 10x and smoked that, still heavely under the effect of the first cone (i remember thinking if i had a minder here they would probally stop me from having this cone as i was holding the smoke in.) after i xhaled it came on instantley, i was somewhere looking at a tent, almost a teepee but not quite, there was a man outside and was ushering me inside, i started to go in then stopped and wondered why and where is he sending me and stoped and looked back at him, the enterance to the tent shut as soon as i looked at him and i am unsure of what happened next as i was just sitting in my chair again, i thought to my self well i buggered that one up, thinking the whole experince lasted about 5 mins, then i heared the music and recognised the song, it was the last track on the album and when i looked at the clock and checked my start time it had been a total 49 mins since i smoked the first cone and 40 mins since the seccond.

i am a some what hard case when it comes to things of this like and after this and a couple more experiments with a 5x and a 10x i am going to invest in a 20x and also possibly a 40x next time i do believe.

Posted on Sunday, February 26, 2006 by bub420:

i am 16 years old and last summer i smoked 40x all the time... it costs 45 bucks per gram... the first tiem i did it i knew nothing about it and i smoked probabaly 1/4 of a gram in a bong.. it amde me retarded and i left my body and experienced things you can't imagine or think of when you aren't on it after i came back i was in the corner of the room with everyone staring at me... but i was fine no flash backs or anything but after i realized you only need the tiniest bit to feel the effects of salvia.. the worst thing that happend was i toked a little bit and i just felt like i was getting pulled and i got up and just walked into another room and laid on a bed and then i felt sick for the rest of the day like i had the flu... but i have probably smoked salvia 40 x 20-25 times and nothing bad has happened... would i do it again? your god damn right i would... you expand your mind and create your own reality and you leave this society that brain washes you.. "reality is a crutch for people who can't handle drugs"

Posted on Wednesday, March 01, 2006 by patman:

I am in desperate need of having some questions answered

my story is so much more intense than just a 'flashback'

a little background: I've smoked salvia twice before. The first time was terrible it felt like i was being sucked into the ground and everything wasn't real, i had totally become detatched from reality. My body was paralyzed so if I wanted to shut my eyes to find CEV's I couldn't.

The second time I did it I did much less, but I still had the EXACT same trip...I was horrified and when I came out of this trip I didn't know if I was still dreaming or if I was back to reality.

I haven't done salvia for a good 2 months or so, and I made a promise to myself I wouldn't. But this is the weird thing, yesterday afternoon I ended up smoking alot of bud and at first I thought it was just really great shit and kind of trippy, but then all the sudden I went into this salvia trip and thought I was waking up from the last time I had done it. This effect lasted for over two hours with on and off salvia effects. It was absolutely horrifying. Afterwards I thought it may have been spiked with pcp or salvia even, but the two other people I had smoked with didn't have ANY problems whatsoever. I just sat in my friends care and preyed to god for an hour apologizing for everything i've done and to give me a second chance. I had no idea if I had friend my brain and I was going to live my entire life this way, I can't even descibe how scary it was.

How is this possible, has anyone heard of something this severre before? please i need answers, salvia has taught me that I need to live a clean life, but I must know what happened in this situation

Posted on Saturday, March 04, 2006 by Lauren:

i did salvia several times, and it was awesome! me and my friend split on 20x and smoked about .5 of a gram between us in a pipe. i have never felt anything like it before. the window was open and i thought the wind was pushing me away. i didn't think i was in my own body. most amazing thing ever, and i'll definately do it again

Posted on Friday, March 10, 2006 by Utnapishtim:

This plant is perfectly named, "sage" and "salvia!" It saved my life. No more LSD, no more cocaine, no more hard booze -- salvia is my salvation from those harsh dangerous chemicals.

I like to chew on the raw leaf, or smoke tiny bits of 10x, never have tried 20, and literally cannot imagine what 40x must be like I personally have little interest in such concentrations but hey whatever lets you talk to your boat....

The best part, is that weeks and even months go between my salvia experiences. What I learn in those 5-10 minutes keeps me going for another month!

I think responsible use is key. Stick to the lowest concentration that you find rewarding. Lie down in the middle of a big bed, let a friend take the smoking equipment from your hands after you inhale. Stay safe!

I have never had a bad salvia experience. Never. Each time with the teacher plant, infuses my life with unfolding depths and produces an enduring, exquisite mindfulness.

Salvia is my saviour.

Posted on Monday, March 13, 2006 by Willy:

i like willies

Posted on Monday, April 03, 2006 by Shannie:

Salvia is the greatest and worst drug I have so far tried. The trip can be amazing or it can be terrible. I was on it and I was scared of a friend of mine. I also triend to leave the house. This was the only bad trip I had. But in considration of the fact my eyes were open it couldnt've been much worse.

Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2006 by steph:

Wow!! I love legal! I mean yeah, there's gonna be bad trips but I've been doing 15x and it's awesome. I needed a way to describe what happens while on it and flashbacks are perfect. I love salvia!!!! It should not be banned. The government is a party pooper!!

Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2006 by Kristylyn:

Hey I never tried it before...although I have done mushrooms and acid in the past. I had a real bad trip once before and I was wondering if anyone thinks that I could flip flop the bad trip state of mind, into a good one with salvia. I look forward to your input.

Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2006 by sf:

Two of my friends and I decided to try Salvia. We bought the 35x. We had never smoked it before. We knew that at least one of us needed to be completely sober. The first time we tried it, one of my friends, "D", went way out-there, or in-there or whatever. He said he had a total white-out and that me and my other friend "T" were the Rice Krispy guys, he was a box of cereal, and that we were trying to unzip his existence. "T" and I also tried it. T had almost uncontrollable laughter and said it wasn't a bad experience. When I tried it I got the feeling that I had found the true reality and they were both trying to keep me from finding out the real "truth". It was somewhat disturbing, but I came back rather quickly, maybe 2 -3 minutes at the most, with a nice body-high afterwards lasting a couple of hours. I did feel the "zipper effect", of being zipped-up or zipped-in or out, very, very strange. I have experimented with almost all varieties of hallucenogenics, this was by far the most intense high I have ever experienced, uncomparable to anything else. The dosage we all used was about 0.1 grams taken in one hit through a water pipe. However it was not nearly as disturbing as the next time we tried it. About the same dosage of 35x, but this time we used a high-temp torch to light up. The word "disturbing" does not even begin to explain experience that I had. I was totally convinced that I had found the true reality. It was as if I had been forcefully kept in a coma reality, almost like a automoton existence, against my will, for my entire life and I was beginning to wake up. It appeared to me to worry the ones around me that I was coming out of it. I heard the voices of relatives, even deceased ones, that I haven't spoken to or thought about for years calling to me. I was under the impression that it was the job of my friends D & T to keep me from finding out the truth that really existed. Were they really my friends? I thought not. I had been deceived for a long time. I was bound and determined to not have to go back to the previous coarse animal existence I had been forced to live. Then they started zipping me back in, back into the puddle, compressed, contained, menial. I just knew that I had found the secret and I was discovered. Even the people on the television seemed worried that I might actually find out about the "real world". Then of course the effects gradually started to subside and I came back here, (whever here is), slowly. Even though I now had more or less control of my faculties, it took several minutes to convince me that this had been drug-induced. In fact during the high I had no recollection of smoking Salvia or that I was high. It was reality. After I told my friends of my experience, my friend "D" shared that he too was terrified during his first time. He said he was afraid to say anything at the time because he thought there was something wrong with him and he didn't want to admit it.

I must say that where I went was THE DARKEST, SCARIEST, MOST DISTURBING & FRIGHTENING place I have ever been. Maybe shouldn't have started off with 35x, oh well.

The more I type, the more I realize the experience can not really be put into words.

I will try it again. I really want to explore the alternate plane of existence it seems to take you to and see what I can discover.

Good luck, and definetely don't do it unless there is a sober person there to keep things under control if needed.

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2006 by patman:

well unfortunately no one has really answered my question yet. i smoked some more bud a couple weeks ago since the last time I had tweaked out. I thought maybe it was just because I smoked so much before, but I only took like 2 hits this time around and I still felt some of the effects of salvia in a much lesser extent than before. I am scared to smoke weed anymore, and even more scared to even think about smoking salvia again.

Kristylyn, I really don't suggest trying it. I guess it's really up to you and how much you are willing to risk. I know i've tried things such as salvia going in with a completely relaxed setting and clear mind and still have had terrible trips, trips that have changed my life forever.

Posted on Wednesday, May 03, 2006 by Boiik:

I've smoked salvia twice now and am not pleased.. The first time was a couple weeks ago and was just 5x.. A friend and I smoked weed just before and after smoking the salvia. We both took 3 or so large hits and didn't feel anything.

I smoked 2 hits of 20x about an hour ago and only felt like I needed to lie down. I also felt sick and a bit confused.. I don't know why I'm not feeling the way most salvia smoker's do.. Any help would be greatly appericiated

Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2006 by konner:

Well often people do not experience any effect their first time, I guess this has been true for most of you. I am contemplating about whether to buy 40x, I have done 5x and 10x in the past, Im not sure if I should make the leap. My experiences with it have been intense and very confusing.

I recommend it to everyone but if you want good results, start at a low grade and work your way up.

Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2006 by new guy:

I tried the 5x for the first time last night.

I thought I was going to die. Everything that was real seemed like an illusion and I thought I was in a different world where I really believed my time was up.

Never again

Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2006 by matt:

I think "Warning" and "Patman" are the same person. Their sentence structure and style are nearly identical, they both spelled "pray" as "prey", and they both tell negative stories about salvia that seem to me to be almost certainly false and probably written by someone who has never tried it.

Posted on Saturday, June 03, 2006 by Jersey Worth:

I have just smoked salvia a few days ago and it was awsome, my girlfriend on the contrary, she hated it. She said that it made her feel parinoid and very uncomfortable. me on the other hand... i friggin loved it. The first trip i had was the most intense, i don't know if it was ten, twenty, fourty x or what and they didn't tell me what it was. they said it was like weed but wasn't. i says whatever and smoked it. they told me to take the biggest hit i could possibly take and hold it in for as long as i could. i did just that. i have never hallucinated before, yet i had no idea what was coming to me. when i exhaled i fell backwards thru the doorway and when i got up everybody was talking and it seemed like i knew what they were saying before they said it. kind of like a delayed reaction to my brain. one of my friends i looked at had millions of tiny maccaroni school busses outlining him glowing neon red. very odd... then i felt like i was in the mario video game in 2D. that freaked me out and i had to run outside. i couldn't get through the door because it was a melting candy cane. somebody opened the door and i ran outside to my car pulled a pack of cigaretts out of the glove box, i was so freaked out that my hand was shaking vigorously. while i smoked the cigarette the sky turned a bloodshot red and i KNEW that the world was going to end and i had to tell everybody. i went running in slow motion to tell everyone and by the time i got to the door the trip had worn off. this most recent trip i had was less intense, i just thought that everything was legos. very strange. but i havn't had any after effects. no flashbacks, nothing. neither have any of my friends. people are ideots.

Posted on Saturday, June 24, 2006 by Cory:

I smoked salvia for the first time a couple days ago and its was only on the 5x.. I took a really big hit and i was amazed, i was in another world, i didnt even realize what i was doin... I took the first hit hard and kept sucking it in untill the bowl was cashed, and when i put the water bong down I got tunnel vision... I said WOAHHH, THIS IS AWESOME, and started laughin... Let me remind you i was in a tough situation, I had the biggest drug lord in texas right across from me, and after i think about the shit i did, how i was laughin an shit, im suprised im still alive and he didnt kill me. He then took a hit and just started laughing too, I cant wait till i get some 35x 2marrow, im gonna be fucked, I will post what happens. If you wanna chat about it my

AOL Scren name is:

Cory Dobbs 41

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