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A keen reader of this blog may have noticed some downtime over the last week. This was due to my moving the blog to a new server.

Before the transition, the blog was hosted on my personal PC, which was running off of a cable modem. For several reasons, continuing to host in this way became untenable. So, I finally bit the bullet and bought a dedicated server box.

I decided to go with rackshack, which offers a good deal on a reasonable server with a large amount of bandwidth. So far, their support has been quick, if somewhat terse. Generally, they got what I needed done with a minimum of communication.

(I didn't have any real problems, the communication with the support department concerned the allocation of IP addresses.)

I've configure this computer with user-mode Linux. This allows me to create virtual Linux servers as processes on the main server. This web site (as well as my other web sites) are running in one UML environment. Chris is in the process of setting up his blog inside another UML environment on the same server. Choosing to use UML lets us both administer our portions of the server as we see fit.

The blog software I use is still the same custom perl-based software I've always used. Whereas I used to post just by editing a file in a directory on my machine, now I use cvs to handle the uploading of the files. This may give better version control, but I doubt it, as I always checked in changes to posts.

In fact, the only user-visible change should be the site being slightly faster, as I no longer have the bandwidth cap I had on the cable modem.

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