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GSO Funding Redux

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Well, my previous posting was slightly incorrect. The ability to post messages to all grad student's isn't restricted to the GSO, it's just little known. I still don't believe that the GSO executive board should be officially taking a position that's been placed to a vote by the membership calling a referendum.


That being said, I'm also worried that the original message was inaccurate. Chris, at the link above, has a long list of complaints, which is very similar to the one that I was planning to write save for my laziness.

The only thing Chris misses is that many of the services the GSO funds are probably better off being funded by user fees. Clubs could charge admission to their events (many do this anyway). In this model, one purpose of the GSO would be as a bank, loaning money to clubs which reimburse the GSO with dues or admission fees.

I don't think that GSO funds should be used to support NYPIRG, which opposes tuition increases, a position that I believe is contrary to the interests of grad students.



It seems like most of the discussion is occurring on the standing bbs, not the gradrag one.

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Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2003 by Chris:

If anyone who wants to can post a message to all graduate students, then you should take advantage of it and wage a counter-campaign, or at least tell everyone that they have the same power of communication that the GSO does.

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