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Above, see a picture that will probably become one of the signatures of Operation Iraqi Freedom, like the fall of the Berlin wall or the toppling of the statue of Lenin. The story of how this statue fell can perhaps be used as a shorthand for the entire operation.

Shortly before 10am EDT, the Iraqis climbed the statue, tied a noose around it's neck, and pulled on ropes to try to topple the statue. Eventually, it became clear that they would be unable to do so without outside help. An American tank rescue vehicle was brought in, and a chain was wrapped around the statue. The Marines through their vehicle into reverse, and the statue fell. The head was dragged through the streets by the Iraqis.

This is perhaps a metaphor for the campaign as a whole. Throughout, the American and Coalition troops have been doing only what the Iraqis cannot. A revolt by the Iraqis would have failed, would have been crushed, as previous revolts were. Now, the Iraqis have a chance at freedom. In the end, Americans, British, Australians, and all the other members of the coalition of the willing are only helping Iraqis to regain the freedom denied to them during two decades of rule by Saddam.

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