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As the tanks roll in Baghdad, it seems that US war strategy has finally made it apparent. What we're doing is directly targeting Saddam and his regime.

On the first day, we tried to do that with Tomahawks and F-117s.

It looks like that didn't get them.

Now, we've rolled from Kuwait all the way into Baghdad. The goal isn't to seize territory or anything like that. Sieges don't interest us, as the areas we really care about controlling are tiny boxes that move with Saddam and his sons.

We seize territory only as needed to accomplish the goal of eliminating the regime, or at the very least rendering it impotent. This is the ultimate effects-based operation, it's unfolding before the eyes of everyone watching CNN, Fox, al-Jazeera, or any other news network in the western and Muslim worlds.

This is what was meant by Shock and Awe, not the bombing in the first few days. "Total mastery achieved at extraordinary speed and across tactical, strategic, and political levels will destroy the will to resist."

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