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Exterminating Iraq (Fun with Demographic Data)

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According to the AP:

"Britain and the United States are about to start a real war of extermination that will kill everything and destroy everything," Al-Douri warned. "And then their regret will be of no use."

For those of you who don't know, Al-Douri is the (soon to be former) Iraqi ambassador to the UN.

Is the US trying to exterminate the Iraqi people? Well, let's run the numbers.


According to the CIA world factbook, the population of Iraq is 24,001,816 people as of July 2000. This is growing at a rate of 2.82%, or 676,851 people per year. That's about 1,850 new Iraqis a day.


Another link cited by Den Beste cites the Iraqi health minister (a biased source) as claiming that 350 civilians have been killed since the start of the war. I'll guess that that's in the first week of the war, giving an average rate of casualties of 50 a day.

So, subtracting, we have a net increase of 1,800 Iraqis a day. In the first week of the war, the Iraqi population increased by 12,600 people.

Even subtracting military casualties from this number, it's likely that the Iraqi population is increasing.

Now, these numbers (especially the population numbers) are a bit precise, and should be taken with a grain of salt. But the point remains that if the goal was genocide, the US is failing miserably at it, and every day the task grows larger.

But our goal isn't genocide, it's to make a better world for the Iraqis and Americans (6,822 of them) being born today.

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