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War Thoughts II

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There's quite a bit of small news about the war that's interesting, but not really enough to justify a full post. So, I'll be writing one war thoughts post a day, and updating it throughout the day. The newest thoughts will be at the top, in blog-order.

I'll date time-sensitive stuff, and just post interesting thoughts as they come to me.

10:45 pm: Another air raid siren goes off in Baghdad. One idea may be to buzz the air-defense radars. I have to think that a constant string of air-raid sirens and all clears would mess with people.

Hm... I just saw on CNN a guy in liberated Iraq beating a mural of Saddam with his shoe. Maybe it's an Iraqi thing.

4:30 pm: If I heard correctly, the Iraqi information minister just said that President Bush should be "beaten with shoes". The US seems to be using real weapons against Saddam, which may be why we're winning.

The situation room in the actual White House looks quite different than the one shown in "The West Wing". For one thing, it's better lit.

Now that the course of the war has become more certain, the stock market is up over 10% in the last week.

I wonder if, once the war is won, UNMOVIC will be invited back into Iraq, to document and assist in the destruction of the WMD that has been found by US troops.

2:00 pm: Rumsfeld is back to being Rumsfeld, in today's pentagon briefing. Yesterday, it seemed like he was performing a play written by PsyOps. Today, he seems to be answering things on his own.

Just to update yesterday's post, the crash actually killed 4 Americans and 8 Brits. Two more marines have fallen in combat since then.

1:30 pm: Fox is saying that the strikes were "narrowly targeted".

An observation is that what we're doing should be obvious to anyone in Baghdad. Iraqi propaganda claimed that only a few weapons hit during the original two days of strikes, with most malfunctioning. It seems that it should be obvious to anyone in the city that US weapons work.

1:00 pm: Shock and Awe. What's interesting is that the same sites seem to be hit repeatedly.

12:35 pm: I just heard reports of a C-130 taking off. I wonder if that's carrying a Daisy Cutter or MOAB.

12:19 pm: Airstrikes began a few minutes ago. The talking heads are saying that this is the beginning of shock and awe. We'll see.

11:45 am: CNN was just kicked out of Iraq.

11:35 am: CNN is reporting that a New York Times reporter (Dexter Filkins) is reporting that the mood in Al-Safwa (not sure of the spelling) is "joyful". He also says "there's no will to fight", and spoke about how troops just went home, as our leaflets suggested.

This is good news, if it's widespread.

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