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It's been just over a day since the first bombs rained down on Baghdad and Tikrit (or wherever, I doubt this will be clear until the history books get written.) Apart from a helicopter crash (killing 16 people, 4 Americans and 12 Brits.), everything seems to be going well for the coalition.

Some thoughts:

President Bush, Ari Fleischer, and others have continued to speak of a disarmed Iraq. I wonder if this is to set up a post-post-war environment in which the US has bases for the purpose of defending Iraq, similar to our current arrangement with Japan.

The coverage of the war, with the embedded reporters, is just stunning, now that the ground war has started and the sun is up. Words like unprecedented are being used, and they're quite accurate. I still think that seeing these tanks rolling unopposed is some sort of giant psychological operation, as it's got to be demoralizing for the Iraqis to see this.

For all the people who found this site by searching "live from Iraq", I've found the following sources for video news coverage:

Update: If anyone finds a better feed, why not post it in the comments?

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