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I don't think that US troops will be welcomed into Baghdad with fanfare, even if they don't have to fight their way in. At best, Iraq will be in the shock of defeat.

When the US entered Japan in the aftermath of the Second World War, there was little fanfare, but more a malaise of defeat. Even when we liberate people, as we did in Japan and Germany, US troops will not be welcomed immediately. I don't think this will be a failure, or even a setback.

It's the attitudes of people when we leave, or at least when we turn Iraq over to an elected government without US oversight, that matter. That is when we can look at Iraq and judge what people there thought of the invasion, not in the first few days of the aftermath.

(Of course, I could be wrong, and that would be a pleasant surprise.)

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Posted on Tuesday, March 18, 2003 by Chris:

I could easily be misremembering, but didn't the Afghanis dance in the streets when we liberated them?

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