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Iraqis Surrender, What Happened Next?

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A British Army source in Kuwait contacted me to explain how the extraordinary surrender bid unfolded. The source said: "The British guys on the front-line could not believe what was happening. They were on pre-war exercises when all of a sudden these Iraqis turned up out of nowhere, with their hands in the air, saying they wanted to surrender.

"They had heard firing and thought it was the start of the war.

"The Paras are a tough, battle-hardened lot but were moved by the plight of the Iraqis. There was nothing they could do other than send them back."

My first reaction to this story was to laugh, and claim that the Iraqis were making like their French arms suppliers.

But my second thought was to ask what happened to the Iraqi troops. A soldier's choice to surrender without firing a shot will probably not prove to be popular with his leadership. It worries me that we would send these men to their fates in the Iraqi regime.

I hope that in the short time remaining until the war starts, Iraqi defectors will be granted asylum and shelter from Saddam's regime, rather than being left to their fate under the Iraqi dictator.

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