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The New York Yankees baseball team now operates it's own television network, the YES network. Cablevision and YES have been unable to negotiate a deal so that Cablevision carries the YES network on its cable systems. Apparently, the dispute is over how the channel would be paid for. Cablevision wants to make the channel something that each subscriber would have to pay for, while YES wants it to be on basic cable, while still charging Cablevision $2 for every subscriber.

The two sides have been unable to make a deal, and so the YES network has yet to show up on Cablevision's network. Satellite providers have been quick to promote that they have it, and I'd imagine some people have switched for it. Meanwhile, the two sides have stuck to their positions.

Now, the YES network has done something that I think is going overboard. They're running radio spots asking listeners to call their representatives and get a law passed mandating that Cablevision carry the YES network.

I think it's one thing for the government to mandate that a cable company carry programming that's available to it for free. It's another to force it to spend money on a channel that it isn't willing to carry. YES isn't a critical source of news, or even the public forum turned farce of the public interest channels. The only benefit I would get from Cablevision carrying YES would be the loss of $2 a month.

YES has plenty of outlets, many of which are competing with Cablevision on the basis of carrying the YES network. It's unnecessary and against the public interest for the government to intervene in the market.

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Posted on Saturday, May 03, 2003 by sb:

The Yes Network and Cablevision comments are not exactly right. Cablevision wants to make subscribers have to subscribe to premium cable to get the Yes Network. Thats unfair to the consumer to make them pay for extra stations to get the Yes Network. DirectTv has it so I say screw Cablevision!

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