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The UN Wastes Time

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An old joke went as follows:

The Mayor of New York and the Secretary-General of the UN gathered across the road from the UN to see the unveiling of a monument.

The Mayor announced that the monument was to celebrate "all the UN's accomplishments." He then pulled a lever, and the cloth covering the wall dropped away, revealing an empty wall.

The Secretary-General protested, "but it's a blank wall!"

The Mayor said, "exactly."


It seems the UN is fulfilling its function as a debating society. Even as it looks less and less likely that the UNSC will approve the invasion of Iraq, the UN is going ahead and planning a post-Saddam government.

Sorry, guys, but I don't think your opinions will count for much. The US is going to rebuild Iraq as the newest liberal democracy, and I don't think the UN's opinions will matter much.

It looks like that wall is going to stay blank.

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