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Hans Blix has released his latest report, and has it. The most important paragraph seems to be the last one:

73. During the period of time covered by this report, Iraq could have made greater efforts to find any remaining proscribed items or provide credible evidence showing the absence of such itmes. The results in terms of disarmament have been very limited so far. The destruction of missiles, which is an important operation, has not yet begun. Iraq could have made full use of the Declaration, which was submitted on 7 December. It is hard to understand why a number of the measures, which are now being taken, could not have been initiated earlier. If they had been taken earlier, they might have borne fruit by now. It is only by the middle of January and thereafter that Iraq has taken a number of steps, which have the potential of resulting in the presentation for destruction of stocks or items that are proscribed or the presentation of relevant evidence solving long standing unresolved disarmament issues.

The bold is, of course, mine.

It's interesting to compare Blix's description of "very limited" disarmament with UNSCR 1441's call for "full" disarmament.

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