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WTC Site Design Selection

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(The first site is fairly slow and flaky, but has more detailed plans.)

Today, a design was selected for the World Trade Center site. Of the two finalists, the one that was chosen (the Libeskind design) was the one I liked the best. While the layout of the buildings is somewhat alien to my tastes (actually, the design looks quite Minbari), this design combines function with the memorial aspects of the design.

I like the selected design because it is functional. I like functional things. The Libeskind design combines the memorial aspects of the site with buildings that are both architecturally important and function as space for offices or other activities, including


Compare this to the defining aspect of the competing THINK plan, the two lattice towers of the proposed World Cultural Center. These towers would mostly be empty space, in the shape of the lost twin towers.

Fifty years from now, the war on terror will have been long won. 9/11 will be to our grandchildren what Pearl Harbor is to my generation: A day to remember, and perhaps mourn, but not something we live our lives remembering. Skyscrapers last a long time. What's built on the World Trade Center site could easily last a hundred years or more. I think the Libeskind proposal combines a proper memorial with a building that's ready to serve the future. That's why I like it.

I also like the building of the tallest building in the world on the site. It's a fitting message to send to the world, that we will not allow Terrorists to cause us to think small.

I hope they can finance and build this design.

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