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On Abortion II

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In response to my prior post, Chris writes:

On the other hand, I think that abortion-for-self-defense is a red herring. No reasonable person will claim that a fetus has more rights than a person, and if the fetus is threatening the life of the mother in a way that cannot be fixed without killing the fetus, there's no reasonable way to claim that the fetus has the right to kill the mother that doesn't also give the mailman that right.

A problem I would like to note is that there are quite a few unreasonable people out there. (As evidenced by the Catholic Church's stance on the Nicaragua case.) While, as Chris correctly notes, most people are fairly rational about this issue, I'm afraid that the irrational ones tend to drown out the voices of rationality in this case.

I like his plan for requiring a second opinion, although I'd be somewhat worried that the ultra-pro-life forces would conspire to place their own kind in these review spots, once the rest of us have lost interest. I don't have a good solution to that problem, however. Perhaps a peer-jury would be the best choice, provided that things could be handled with the privacy that a personal/medical issue like that would require.

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