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Columbia is gone, but the world goes on. I'll keep the site darkened until the period of mourning ends, but I'm also moving on with the usual blogging.


Yesterday, I found these two articles making the case for war from a liberal perspective. The Guardian article rebuts many of the cases that the anti-war crowd makes, one at a time. The New Republic article follows the evolution of the New York Times's increasingly illogical position on the matter, saying, "So we now have reached the conditions under which, according to the standards once urged by most liberals, the United States must disarm Iraq by force."

Both of these articles were written within a few days of each other, shortly after Bush's state of the union speech. That speech presented evidence against Iraq, and promised that Colin Powell will present more at the UN on Wednesday.


Already, a majority of Americans support war with Iraq, even if the UN is opposed. I believe that this, along with the editorials given above, is a sign that most Americans believe that Bush has either made his case, or will present a compelling case in the next few days.

Going to war is never a good thing, but it is sometimes the best option, and therefore the right thing to do. I believe the there's an increasing recognition of this among Americans, and so I suspect the support numbers to rise, as people commit to a position of support.

In the end, I think the vast majority of people will support regime change in Iraq, with only pacifists, political enemies of Bush, old Europe, and the New York Times opposed.

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