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After spending its first few weeks online as "Tom's Blog", I've finally decided to give this blog a proper name. The name I've chosen is "Intermediate Form".

When writing software, there are three things that we need to care about. The first is input, and the last is output. It is the middle step that is the most interesting, that of the processing and computation that is needed to produce results. While the input and output steps are (fairly) well understood, it's this middle phase where much complexity lies.

Choosing the proper intermediate form makes quite a bit of difference in how complex the processing phase of a program is, and how much time and memory it takes to run that program. When designing programs involving graph traversals, choosing the wrong intermediate representation can lead to massive slowdowns in running time. The right intermediate form can lead to simple software with fast running times.

One of the goals of this blog is the transfer of information, in from my mind to yours. I point out ideas that I think should be spread further, and also offer up my own thoughts and analysis. If we consider this to be the goal, this blog and the writing contained within isn't really an end in itself, but an intermediate form that is used to conduct that transfer.

In any case, I consider the new name to be a mite more interesting than the mundane "Tom's Blog".

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