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Flyer Watch #1: Zeta Reticulans

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This post is the first of a new irregular on this blog, Flyer Watch. When I find flyers around campus that are of particular interest, I'll scan them in and respond to them. I plan on posting both flyers that make points that I can use to launch into a weblog entry and flyers that are just strange.

The following flyer falls into the second category. It has no identifying marks as to who posted it or why. I found it posted outside the grad school office on the second floor of the CS building of good old SBU.

[Zetatalk Image]

Trying to understand gives me a headache (primarily because every other word seems to be a link). So, instead, I'll point out to people two pages on debunking the conspiracy.


The former is their main page on the zeta reticulan conspiracy, the latter is their blog.

Update: Just to be clear, there isn't anything official about this flyer being on the grad office bulletin board. It was almost certainly a rogue posting.

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