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A good law and a bad bill

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A law aiming to improve roads in east-central Illinois targeted Amish horse-drawn buggies, allowing townships to charge a fee of up to $50 per driver.

"I can't deny the horses are gouging the roads, but I pay taxes just like everyone else," said Reuben Schrock, a horseshoe fitter. "Are you going to tell me those trucks roaring up and down our roads aren't causing more damage?"

This, of course, isn't true. Buggy riders don't pay gasoline taxes like everyone else does. One of the uses of these gas taxes is to pay for road maintainence. I think it's fair to ask them to pay for the roads in another way. The trucks shouldn't have to pay, because they already pay at the gas pump.


A Democratic lawmaker said Sunday he will introduce a bill in the next session of Congress to make military service mandatory.

Rep. Charles Rangel, D-New York, said such legislation could make members of Congress more reluctant to authorize military action.

It strikes me that forcing people who don't want to be in the military to join, in order to make the military weaker, so that we don't use it is one of the dumbest things that it's possible to make a law about. It's also interesting that the anti-war movement, which opposed the draft in Vietnam, now has some voices that favor the draft since it helps them make their point.

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