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One of the big stories in the news is the crazy Raelian cult claiming to have cloned a human. I don't have a fundamentally moral problem with cloning, myself. Right now, I don't trust that the technology is advanced enough to support human cloning (from what I understand, animal clones have been having problems.). But once the process becomes safe, I don't think that there's anything to morally object about.

As an aside, I don't think that I would want to be cloned. Being cloned seems like a somewhat narcissistic act, and the traditional way of making babies seems like it's a lot more fun.

I don't see clones as having any sort of special legal status by virtue of their being clones, any more than identical twins, people conceived by in-vitro fertilization, or people born by c-section (like me!) do. Probably, the person who contributed the DNA to the child should be considered one of the parents, but that's about the only special rule that I think would affect clones.

Certainly, homicide or infanticide should not be allowed of clone babies. That's what worries me about the Raelians. They claim (according to the CNN article) that their ultimate goal "is to give humanity eternal life through cloning."

In some of the other articles I've read on the topic, it seems that they way they want to do this is by transplanting adult minds into new clone bodies. That's what worries me about this, as I don't see any way to do this without destroying the mind of the original inhabitant of the clone body.

That's murder.

And that's why people should get outraged at the Raelians about.

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