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It is better that half of us live to be free...

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This, the latest posting by Den Beste concerns the sacrifices that may have to be made in fighting a larger war. While he mostly makes his case in terms of the sacrifices that needed to be made during the Second World War to preserve the secrecy around the codebreaking and double-agent networks, I think that the same argument also applies to some of the more unsavory things the US did during the cold war.

Specifically, it was necessary to accept minor sacrifices (like keeping a dictator in power) to ensure the long-term victory over communism. The individual choices may have been bad, judged alone, but were necessary to win the larger war.

Den Beste's essay also includes a line that's going into my quotes file, "It is better that half of us live to be free than that all of us live to be slaves."

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